We Heart OKC


Somedays you walk right into something you know you want to be a part of. Our journey and relationship with Verdigris has been a beautiful and inspiring union, mostly because the space they have curated is made up of the “you and I’s” of our favorite city. All from intention, Verdigris houses little booths of vendors that share in the love and hunt of old and reclaimed treasures. This passion began with owners Kimberly Spicer and Melissa Graham and has wonderfully spread to others a kin.

This eclectic duo are the heart and soul behind Verdigris, not only are they sisters, but they are business partners and I promise you they complete each other in every way. Their story and journey to Oklahoma City is long written and its not every day you have two Texas gals proclaim their dire love for Oklahoma over their home. 

Their paths both spent life living in Oklahoma at different times, and their journey to each other is special as well. Corralling their families and resting where everyone is today, Spicer and Graham decided to join forces 3 years ago and begin the brick and mortar of Verdigris. 

Not only are these women professional treasure hunters, but their purpose is more than that. The women of Verdigris believe in recycling everything, not only are they scouting objects that have lived many stories, their mission is to decrease waste by repurposing, recycling, and reusing old things. 

“We want to sell them to help reduce… everything needs to be either vintage or antique, made out of some reclaimed or natural product,” said Graham.

“….and showing others that they can make something new and it can be fun,” shared Spicer. 

Graham and Spicer currently partner with 25 other vendors in store. Each vendor purchases their own inventory and brings their products in shop. The whole process is a carefully curated collaboration that brings the best vintage goods from all over the world to Oklahoma City. 

If you have been a vintage gatherer for sometime you probably have already noticed the most exciting news that has came from Verdigris lately. Their new location, found on 7th and Hudson has opened up a large amount of space and has allowed a great revamping of their perfect treasures.

No matter the hunt or winning antiquity, each vintage veteran knows the thrill of rearranging their coveted finds. The move from 10th to 7th has been a breath of fresh air for these wonderful women. Though each location stunning as they are, we’ve loved walking in shop to see some of our favorite pieces highlighted in a new atmosphere, a new light and they’d be the first ones to share their own version of this newness as well.

“We wanted something long term, where we had neighbors and we were more a part of a community, to help further the revitalization..looking back on it we’re very glad it happened. Sometimes you just need that push,” shared Graham. 

Not only is Verdigris an ambassador for Oklahoma City alongside many other great local business’, we kind of like to think they are our constant reminder to examine our roots, remind us daily where we came from and how to share those stories with our community. 

There is a specialness when you have watched something grow for so long and you were a participant in its making. Oklahoma City is a proclaimer of its own testament and like many have said “its on the rise”. When others notice and want to be a part of it as well, that is when its labor has brought fruition. Over and over again we heard this same love shared from the women at Verdigris.

“This town, the revitalization that is happening right now, would not be happening without of course the people who are willing to invest in the city, the people that are taking risks, being creative and kind of building a community. Neither one of us ever want to leave Oklahoma City, we love it,” said Graham.

“Oklahoma City is very supportive..our customers become friends,” added Spicer.

Our favorite part of We Heart is getting to make connections with these business’ and sharing their stories with our community. The common thread of passion and the will to make Oklahoma City great is consistently evident. We hope you join us on this journey to love OKC. 

Verdigris will be open this Friday night during H&8th, stop in and say We Heart sent you, each time its a little hug from us to you! Share photos of your visit on Instagram or Twitter with #weheartokc for your photo to be featured on our profile. Share the love of OKC!