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Urban Agrarian

With a growing trend in local love, corporate markets are constantly trying to one-up each other by offering more USDA certified organic and locally grown items, leaving local-logic consumers stuck with the task of making multiple trips to multiple markets.

Offering a logical alternative to this exhaustive and arduous journey since 2008 is Matt Burch; who opened Urban Agrarian to lend a refreshing perspective on what a local market should be in the heart of Oklahoma.

Located at 1235 SW 2nd Street in the Agriculture District of Oklahoma City and open Wednesday thru Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Burch has passionately created a mecca not only for local consumers, but, for local farmers as well. The market offers strictly local and seasonal food from almost 30 different Oklahoma farms, ranches, apiaries and bakeries ranging from predominately fresh produce, bakery items and dry goods to meats and prepared foods.

“I think a lot of people are confused by the name and don’t quite understand what we are about,” Burch admitted. “We are about many things at the Urban Agrarian. First and foremost we just want to support local food, farmers and producers. The main focus for us is to find a way to tell the story behind the food; a narrative starting on the farm and ending when you, the consumer eat the product.”

Burch continued to fervently explain his intentions behind the conceptualization of the Urban Agrarian.

“I see it as a marriage between urban community and fresh local agriculture, that’s what the agrarian stands for,” Burch said. “We want to create an environment where consumers can actually interact with growers; there is an appreciation for the produce that comes with having the ability to do that. I built the Urban Agrarian around the idea that we can produce most of the food we need right here in the state.”

A self-proclaimed foodie, Burch proceeded to elaborate on what local food meant to him.

“I want to help create and broaden the food culture here in Oklahoma,” Burch said. “I want to help educate people. I want to teach them about knowing what is in season and what they can do with it. This is to a certain extent why we chose a location in the Agriculture District; I hope that we can revitalize it. One day I would like to see it be to food what the Plaza District has been to art.”

where to find fresh

FRIDAY: The Midtown Market at Saints is on the east side of the St. Anthony Hospital campus near Walker between 9th and 10th street. Look for the big white tent May-October. If weather ever prevents the Urban Agrarian from setting up in the parking lot they will be near the east entrance to the hospital. This is a mid-size market with a seasonal supply of local produce, dairy, meats, baked goods, preserved harvest, honey and an assortment of other ready-to-eat, live plant or artisan vendors. In the winter months, this market continues on as a pre-order kiosk inside the Medical Plaza on the east side of the hospital campus.

SATURDAY: The Urban Agrarian sets up a booth at The Edmond Farmers Market, which is a large market with many vendors. Look for them on the northeast corner of the market.

SUNDAY: An Urban Agrarian Local Foods Market is held during Cheever’s brunch. Located in the parking lot of the Cheever’s Catering building on the NW corner of 23rd and Hudson.

“In short, we believe that eating local sustains Oklahoma’s agrarian economy. That’s why we give farmers the ability to expand their marketing reach and profits – growing the communities where they live and work,” Burch said. “And for consumers? We offer them the ability to live off the land, even if they live in the city.”