We Heart OKC


Good things for all. 

It’s the first thing you see before you are welcomed through the door at STASH Midtown, definitely an inspiring connotation that the ladies of STASH Norman and Midtown OKC, have sought to offer their community. 

STASH Midtown is the sister of STASH Norman curated and operated by Della Patterson and Rebecca Bean. Two inspiring women with alike spirits and visions, hunting for vintage goodies, and bumping into each other at the right moment. 

Their excitement to share their passions has produced a unique retail space offering vintage goods and products that mean well and do well, by all. 

“Basically we sell products that we love, that we use. A lot of our friends are makers, we wanted to provide a store that could house local makers work and wares,” Patterson said. 

Local is not the only place that STASH finds goods for their store, products are scouted all through the state and beyond it’s borders. Their drive for a diverse product line has taken them as far as Guatemala to find pieces for their collection. 

STASH is perching upon it’s 5th year of business. Last holiday season STASH created a three month pop up shop in the Midtown Plaza area and after many pleas to stick around has made Midtown a permanent home.

“I feel like we’re a part of the family now. I feel like this is the start of something so incredibly wonderful and I cannot even believe we are blessed enough to be a part of it,” Patterson said. 

Midtowns latest boom has these ladies excited to stay, “Everyday we learn something new that is happening around here, the revitalization is pretty breathtaking,” said Patterson. STASH has been a great retail addition and we’re excited to see future growth bring more small retail business’ to the area. 

In store you will be able find a variety of gifts and products for all occasions. STASH offers apparel, home goods, local art, stationery, you name it. All products carefully picked and scouted with you in mind. “My customers are my family, this is my second home, when I open these doors, I’m opening my home,” said Patterson.

We couldn’t agree more, we felt like family the moment we walked in the door and hope you find the opportunity to explore and support this wonderful local business.

STASH will be hosting an Open House Block Party along with neighboring business’, this Friday from 6-9pm. Take note, this event and H&8th are just a few blocks from each other! What a great night of exploring one of the best weekend cultures in our city!