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Today’s feature hits a little closer to home, we’re neighbors after all! It has been a privilege to share 9th street with today’s feature, Shop Good, a product of generosity and service, straight from the efforts of owners Audrey and Justin Falk.

It’s a little hard to talk about so much goodness in one place but we’ll give it our best shot. We’ve been able to watch the growth and evolution of work and talents from these wonderful people and we’re thankful they are a part of OKC and our Auto Alley family. 

It’s rewarding to see the ambition and togetherness that brought Shop Good to life. Audrey and Justin a team of their own you see, worked at a nonprofit were they started a creative venture on the side, the beginning of Shop Good. They designed and printed t-shirts of their own, selling locally before their current space opened up and allowed them the opportunity to set their passions and ideas in motion.

There’s a lot of upbringing and experiences that set into motion the idea of a charity based business for Justin and Audrey, we hope you get to ask them about it sometime when you’re in the shop, it’s just as inspiring as what they have collected at Shop Good. 

“From the beginning we wanted it to support local charities, so we kind of just built that into the concept from the beginning that every purchase gives back,” said Justin. 

Carefully curating each product to fit the Shop Good aesthetic is always important to Audrey and Justin. They had explored brands that share a similar model such as toms, but when they first started these options were few, thus shaping what the Shop Good model is today.

“We decided to curate our products on ethical production and quality and kind of take care of the charitable part ourselves. So we still kind of have that mix where that give back is built into the story, some don’t and on those ones we support the local non-profit,” said Justin.

Here we introduce the heart of "Purveyors of Generosity" and what it means for the Shop Good team. Each year Shop Good partners with a local non-profit for the products and process mentioned above.

This years non-profit partner is Re-Merge, a female diversion program designed to transform pregnant women and mothers facing incarceration into productive community citizens. More information about this wonderful partnership can be found at blog.shopgoodokc.com

There are so many great business’ within Shop Good that have their own example of unique charities or programs. 

Some of you may be familiar with Warby Parker, an online boutique-quality eyewear company that produces classically crafted eyewear at a revolutionary price point. Warby Parker also partners with VisionSpring to ensure that for every pair of glasses sold, a pair is distributed to someone in need.

“We got in touch with them right away and they just so happened to be starting to work with retailers. They had their headquarters in New York and one other showroom in San Francisco… We’ve been a showroom for two years now, almost three. We were the third in the country and we are now the oldest showroom other than their headquarters,” shared Justin. 

Most every product has a story within the shop including local roots such as Love Well Handmade, Mariposa Coffee RoasterySimpleton Leather Goods and others. Scattered throughout the store are products with purpose and passion and the reward is exploring how other people are using their purpose for service. 

“Most of our long term goals are wrapped up in community building. We want to see other business’ adapt the same model and start seeing business’ play a bigger part in the shaping of communities that are great to work in and live in for everybody, “shared Audrey.

You can see quickly why we are so fortunate to have Shop Good a part of our neighborhood and community. The list is long of unique specialities that are curated and housed in one little place.

The shop’s printing space is right across the street where they print your favorite Thunder shirt or Oklahoma designs made by Justin or local artist collaborations. 

There’s just so much to be adventured each time you walk through the door at Shop Good. It’s a place worth visiting if you haven’t, you’ll be back for something new often!

We Heart - Shop Good and the team that makes it tick and thrive. One more favorite to note is shop baby Sawyer, the cutest shop baby to ever exist. Head on over to instagram @shopgoodokc, you’ll quickly be smitten too!