We Heart OKC



It is truly our privilege to be here, loving on and lifting up Oklahoma City. We can all feel the excitement in it’s resiliency and growth, the past few years especially. We call home to Automobile Alley, an area of our sweet city that has seen it all. As little corners of our neighborhood are filled and finessed, we take a lot of pride in cheering on this special part of town. 

Near and dear to our heart as it is, we know it’s the people that have elevated the spirit of our great city. In the past year we’ve made quite a few top 10 lists and we know it’s just the beginning. We especially resonate with those that believe in a vision that contributes to this growth and cheers on our community for the greater things ahead. 

Sara Kate Little of Sara Kate Studios is our lovely neighbor that champions all of the above. An Oklahoma City native, Sara Kate has a story of her own that engages the unconventional and evokes inspiration in her day to day.

Her passion for interiors and found objects led her to finishing a degree in design. Yet when it came time to choose a career path she quickly saw what she was interested didn’t quite yet exist in Oklahoma City.

So she created it.

Years of retail experience and a love for interiors started a path in interior consulting for Sara Kate. Her talents in scouting and styling were dabbled in on the side and quickly evolved into a specialty that would eventually become her life’s work.

Her brick and mortar is home to a plethora of accoutrements. Carefully sourced and chosen, each one having a special purpose in mind.

“I like stuff that somebody cared for, loved and it then becomes an heirloom in a way. It’s meant to be kept, it’s meant to be passed on to somebody else. I think of the pieces in that way. They’re an heirloom from a stranger basically, they’re just waiting for their next home,” shared Sara Kate.

Sara Kate Studios services clients all over the U.S. as well as traveling internationally to find the most perfect objects for each project. Creating a home for her life’s work here in Oklahoma City is something we are truly thankful for. The addition her shop brings to our little corner of the city is an asset to our growth and community. The exciting thing is, she is one of many, though unique in their own craft believing in and building alongside us.

“There’s room for people with ideas. The community is super encouraging. I just love that I can be a part of the growth here and do what I want to do in my hometown. The people are genuine I think that’s been great and they’re curious,” shared Sara Kate.

In store you can find a lovely array of home goods and furnishings. A variety of small gifts and art works too. Sara Kate’s niche for interiors and styling makes every visit to the shop a new experience, a magical world of beauty in form of moroccan rugs and danish sofas.

The SKS shop is a for sure holiday stop and shop, those you love will appreciate the unique gifts and stories found. Sara Kate is also one of the shops featured in this years Holiday Pop-Up Shop lineup in Midtown. You can find this years full schedule here.

For more about Sara Kate Studios visit her online shop here and for a daily dose of lovely imagery be sure and follow her on instagram here. We Heart SKS!