We Heart OKC



We are thankful to live in a community that is well known for its arts and creative hub. It seems as if collaboration and restored districts, business’ and startups are all around us. 

Our feature today brings art and community together in one creative hub on Automobile Alley. Ratio, an art gallery and lifestyle boutique is home to independent artists from all over the world. 

We sat down with owner Jennifer Cummins Briscoe to dig deeper into the beginnings of Ratio and what inspiration brought it to life. 

“We wanted to open a space where there was art in everything. We worked really hard to find independent artists that were creating things in every medium,” shared Briscoe.

Products within the shop range from kitchen textiles to gift cards to repurposed furniture. Each piece is truly unique and the movement to curate a shop with independent artists only, hones in on a diverse product line. 

“We search and search and search. It’s all handmade by people who just want to be creative. We have found a lot of our stuff through artists on Etsy,” said Briscoe.

The invitation for local artists is also an important asset. Ratio often displays shows of artists within the community and also of the owners themselves. We could tell everyone involved with the shop had a little creativity to offer!

“We want to support young artists and people that create art for young people. The art world can be very intimidating and we love when young artists come in and we can support their passion,” shared Briscoe.

Briscoe herself was born in Oklahoma yet has done a great deal of traveling. She honed in on her art career while attending college in West Virginia followed by a study abroad in Italy. She has brought her passion for art back to Oklahoma and you can even find some of her personal pieces in the store!

Ratio is coming upon its one year anniversary in Automobile Alley. We encourage you to visit this gallery soon! Ratio participates in the monthly Automobile Alley Shop Hop, which is a wonderful opportunity to get to know the Automobile Alley families as a whole!