We Heart OKC

Plenty Mercantile

PLENTY MERCANTILE – the place where simple elegant styling and rustic bohemian aesthetic are harmoniously married in a picturesque setting that strikes a fine dichotomy between exposed urban industrialism and the warmth of down-home country wholesomeness.

The shop, located at 807 North Broadway Avenue, is by far one of the most welcoming retail establishments we have experienced within Oklahoma City. When entering the space, it seem boundless, yet comfortably full; a feeling that has been precisely honed to contribute to the vision behind PLENTY.

This week, we met with Traci Walton, Brittney Melton and Chris England, the three Founders/Shopkeepers of this family Mercantile to have a very inspirational dialogue about one of OKC’s newest visionary retail spaces.

“Inspiration came from the desire to create an environment where my four children could witness the beauty of hard work and compassion,” Walton said. “PLENTY allows us to give back and serve in a fun way.”

“We also drew inspiration based on the desire to stir contemplation on the products one purchases; origin, how it is made and what materials are used,” England explained and added simply – “Mindful consumption.”

Contributing to the uniqueness of PLENTY is the thoughtfulness behind the name.

“Brittney came up with the name,” Walton stated.

“PLENTY was on the binding of a book and I thought the word had so much depth and reminded me of how I was raised – not PLENTY of things – but, PLENTY as in – fullness,” Melton explained. “I was raised in a home that honors authenticity and then studied Entrepreneurship and Sustainability at OSU. I found in my internship at Sustainalytics, a leading-edge research firm, retail could be a player for change. Business has the opportunity to design a more authentic world. PLENTY is the result.”

Artful Home . Soulful Living . Meaningful Giving

With many other OKC retail venues geared toward similar visions, we wanted to know what set PLENTY apart from the rest.

“Connection,” the three harmoniously agreed. “There is a deep sense of purpose and integrity to the products we offer.”

“We are a true family Mercantile,” Walton expressed. “From light bulbs to artisanal maple syrup to handcrafted toys – there is something for everyone and all our products have been sustainably sourced. So, when you purchase with PLENTY you are indeed making a difference.”

Adding to the innovation of repurposing is the location that was chosen to be the headquarters.

“Automobile Alley possesses a palpable energy that is unique to our city,” England said. “The former 1920 Chevy dealership was the ideal spot for PLENTY to call home. Since we already had our ’57 Chevy delivery truck – it was a natural fit.”

A place where people simply feel at home, PLENTY offers goods that appeal to all ages and within the next few months they will also be offering Community 101 workshop classes to their vast demographic of customers to help make all aspects of their life more green.

“Back to the Basics, Simple home life, classes to feed the mind and inspire,” Walton told us. “We want to help people learn the real difference between processed and fresh foods, what herbs grow the easiest in OKC and how to make a lady-bug house – these are just a few we are scheduling. It’s a great opportunity to gather and learn from local experts. We will have a calendar of events available on our website soon.”

With such a great response from the community to their opening, PLENTY isn’t about to stop sharing the passion they have for renewable and sustainable living.

“We are beginning renovation of our rooftop event space and organic garden, set to open in spring. Partnering with Berryman Construction (they did our ‘green’ renovations downstairs) we will open the space for classes and events. We continue to fetch one-of-a-kind items to offer in the shop and have plans to rent items for special events starting as soon as possible.”

No matter your age bracket, from toddler to student to parent and grandparents, PLENTY Mercantile has something to offer everyone, whether it’s products, education or friendship. We suggest you stop by and meet Traci, Chris and Brittney, along with the rest of the staff and see what changes you can make to help contribute to a plentiful life.