We Heart OKC


When it showed up across the street we were admittedly a bit perplexed – was there an old, rusty shipping container parked in front of S&B Burger? Was this the new 9th Street hot spot? Well, to answer the question, after some paint, plaster and a pinch of TLC that peculiar space transformed into one of the most inimitable and impressionable retail spaces in Oklahoma City.

Perch’d was opened in January 2013 and has since then enlivened a respectful amount of attention within the community for the tasteful displays of unique modern accessories, home goods and gift items; all of which worthy of some major eye-ogling time.

Last week between bouts of rain and clouds we ventured over to Perch’d to meet owner Sunshine and get a better look at this swanky hot-spot.

Located at 14 N.W. Ninth, everything about this retail store is modest, modern and humbly boasts an energy that can’t be ignored. Landscaped with refined and environmentally friendly stones and situated inside a shipping container this architectural setting speaks for itself.

Perch’d carries products that never cease to amaze the inspired eye, with an appreciation for objects and form that are thought provoking and crafted by designers, artisans, architects and creative minds – shopping here is truly a positive experience.

Although it is located within a shipping container, the space is snug and homey with a folksy mood and once inside seems much larger than one might expect. Sunshine carries a wide variety of items and does her best to only include items that one could only find at Perch’d.

One of the most unforgettable accompaniments to Perch’d is the Always Greener OKC synthetic grass that is displayed atop the roof and acts as a carpet within the shop, it adds a genuinely one-of-a-kind touch.

So we suggest you get over to Ninth and check out Perch’d for yourself, whether you go for the merchandise, are interested in chatting with Sunshine about the hip space or simply want to appreciate the repurposed shipping container – it’s a thoroughly modern (Millie) experience.

Oh, you can’t miss the space either, it’s the turquoise one.