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Mariposa Coffee Roastery

Mariposa Coffee Roastery

It’s that time of year when everything falls back into place. We find our rhythm and rest in the new season of colorful leaves and the crisp autumn breeze.

We have our favorite things we love about fall. Whether it be our favorite coffee, a love for all things pumpkin, or the chance to pull out our favorite scarves and boots. There is something about this season that is full of renewal and comfort. The simple joy of taking longer walks with loved ones. Gathering outside to rally for our favorite team or spending an evening at our favorite neighborhood festival. All because this season welcomes a gentle transition between the heat of summer and the chill of winter. 

Fall welcomes some of our most magical memories and winter heightens and harbors them all at the same time. Picture it. The perfect fall morning, resting in the backyard, leaves changing color and the perfect cup of coffee in your hand. 

This is how we felt during our morning spent with owners Daniel and Amyie Kao of Mariposa Coffee Roastery. We sat down with Amyie at Mariposa’s mobile coffee trailer to learn more about the origin of their business and how they operate today. Little did we know we would leave with a wonderful cup of coffee and a lasting impression of the mission this small business has locally and globally.

Owners Daniel and Amyie Kao began Mariposa in 2009, each bringing unique passions to what is now a wonderful redemptive business. Daniel brings a passion for coffee. His fascination begins with the beans origin and how far it travels, to the detailed roasting and crafting of the perfect cup. While Amyie's background involves working with social injustice campaigns and fundraising for different relief efforts. They each are artisans of their craft and we’re excited to share how these two passions make up Mariposa today.

In the earlier days, Daniel began experimenting with coffee in college. He began roasting and developing his craft through homemade roasting systems. During this time an opportunity presented itself to roast for a small coffee shop in Valley Brook, Oklahoma. At the time his craft became more serious Amyie was heavily involved in different social justice causes. Their passions began to overlap and they began asking themselves the question, "How can we help out?" "What does owning a business look like?"

Thus came the name, Mariposa. Meaning butterfly in Spanish. "It fit our story, it kind of fit how we felt about the transformation of the bean, the delicate flavors of the coffee but also what we believe that we could do with our hobby. Using our hobby or our passion to do something for the world," said Amyie.

In 2012, Mariposa moved into its current roasting space and Daniel began tweaking the water filtration system. This sparked a thought. They began to wonder if the people who labor within the coffee fields have access to clean water? After researching they discovered that the coffee growing areas overlap with areas of economic water scarcity. (You can listen to Amyie’s TED talk about the issue of economic water scarcity here.)

“Around that time we shifted gears a little bit and have been really focused on clean water efforts in coffee growing regions,” shared Amyie.

Currently, Mariposa partners with organizations to bring clean-water to areas of economic water scarcity. Their current efforts are tied to a partnership with Water4 in Oklahoma City where they have successfully raised funds for two water wells in Rwanda. Read more about their first water well here and their most recent well installed this past spring here.

The responsible mission fueling Mariposa is how they are able to do what they love. Besides their partnering efforts they roast wonderful small batches of coffee and wholesale to local business' in our community and beyond. You can find a list of locations that serve and carry their specialty coffee on their website.
Our friends at Mariposa illustrate even the smallest efforts can make a collectively large impact. By choosing locally we are able to assist global efforts by way of cause-driven business' right here in our community. Through the coffee you drink you are able to support communities globally.

Thank you Mariposa Coffee Roastery for your vision and your craft! We are proud to call this community home alongside you!

Drink local. Think global.