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Ladies & Gentlemen

When it comes to hats there are three general categories one can fall under: function, finishing and flaunting – all of which can be found at Ladies & Gentlemen, Oklahoma City’s first and only fine millinery boutique.

We had the pleasure of sitting down with owner and hat maker, Marla Deann Cook to learn more about fine millinery and this unique addition to the Paseo District.

“The word millinery means designing and making hats,” Cook explained. “It can also mean a shop in which hats are sold. Fine millinery indicates to our customers that we are not only a hat shop, but the best hat shop.”

“By being the first millinery hat shop in the city, Cook takes great pride in setting a high standard for what it means to be in the business of finishing.

“The shop combines wide selection and custom selection to offer clientele an experience previously unavailable in Oklahoma City,” Cook said. “We have a large selection of men’s and women’s hats that serve three categories: function, finishing, and flaunting.”

A functional hat provides the weaver protection from the elements, while the finishing hat as described by L. Pagan, “combines form and function to build, enhance & finish an outfit”, a flaunting hat is more daring and worn to get attention.

Top It off with a hat!

All hats sold at Ladies & Gentlemen are made in America, along with a small collection of finishing hats made by Cook under her eponymous label Marla Deann Cook.

“When I first moved to NYC I started a custom made clothing line. It was a natural transition to make hats to accompany my designs,” Cook recalled, “I took classes at the Fashion Institute of Technology, and began working with Jill Courtemanche to perfect my millinery skills.”

When Cook and her husband relocated back to Oklahoma City in 2012 she brought her love of millinery back with her.

“I had always wanted to open my own shop, so in October I went with my heart and opened Ladies and Gentlemen,” Cook said. “Plus, I had become such good friends with all the milliners from NYC I couldn’t just walk away, I had to bring them to OKC with me.”

Since opening, Ladies & Gentlemen has been not only embraced by Oklahoma City but become a destination for that little something extra to give any outfit a polished look. With something for everyone and all ages, this little boutique is bursting with personality and possibilities.

Stop in and say hi to Marla, her adorable pup Fritz and find the perfect hat for yourself or a treasured gift, you are certain to find one that speaks to you.

Hats are back OKC, put your best face forward by topping it with a one-of-a-kind all American hat.