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Kitchen No. 324

On the southeast corner of Dean A McGee and N. Robinson, this ten-story buff brick and limestone building has an interesting history. Built by the founder of Braniff Airlines and one of the most successful and influential businessmen in Oklahoma City, Thomas Braniff, the building was designed and finished in 1923 by Solomon Layton, the foremost architect of the time.

The first and second floors are covered in limestone and are topped by an ornate heavy cornice. Above this, the north facade is divided into five bays, with nine bays on the west elevation. With windows set in pairs, the top floor is separated from the others by a second cornice.

It’s hard to imagine the splendor of this almost 100 years old building by mere words along, there is a quintessential charm that the Braniff Building possesses, an arduous task to mirror let alone complement.

However, in December of 2012, a 3,500-square-foot space in the Braniff Building was successfully converted into a cafe and bakery and became home to the respectfully named, Kitchen No. 324; the name stemming from the Braniff Building’s address.

A part of A Good Egg Dining Group, known for their tasteful pairings of historic buildings and delightful dinning destinations, Kitchen No. 324 is just as sensational as any of the groups other restaurants, notably: Red Prime, Cheever’s, Iron Star, Republic and Tucker’s.

Seasonally Inspired

Stepping in from off the street, where the noise of our growing city surrounds you, the atmosphere of Kitchen No. 324 is refreshing. The calm, relaxed almost meditative mood is not only seen within the décor but also in the attitude of the staff, patrons and cuisine.

Serving Rustic American inspirations, Kitchen No.324 is a seasonally inspired café, craft bakery and coffee curator. The food is hearty, the kind that sticks to your bones, yet refreshing. The kitchen offers unique pairings of sides and dishes, full of flavor and color, adding some razz to every meal.

But don’t just trust us, try it! Kitchen No. 324 will not let you down, we give you our word; it’s a tried and true for good eats’n treats. So whether you are looking for an ample breakfast before work, coffee or baked treats, a hearty lunch or weekend brunch, this charming kitchen is certain to keep you satisfied.