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Just OK

Oklahoma… where the wind comes sweeping down the plains… forcefully we might add, but if you’ve been here long enough you begin to realize its just one of those Oklahoma “things” you get used to. Its these little Oklahoma nuances that get threaded together and eventually, with a little mixing, fosters a sense of Okie pride. The crazy wind, the scorching summer heat and icy winters. The huge blue sky and the breathtaking sunsets. The heritage that is bred in our blood and the sense of family we even share with a stranger just because they too are an “Oklahoman”.

It's this pride that keeps us held together, past the growth, past the tragedies, it’s a part of who we are. A community that grows upon a breed of its own… we know before anyone else who falls in love with our community, that it's just our Okie pride.

This is the same fusion of ideas and passion that Oklahoma makers celebrate at Just OK. A sister shop of Blue7, housed in the same place, collecting nothing but Oklahoma goods and goods made by Oklahomans.

As passionate as this love for Oklahoma is, it allows us to freely inspire and joyfully create day by day with our neighbors. That’s the exact feeling I get when I’m pursuing around Just OK and you’ll be able to see it’s been that way from the beginning!

As you may remember, Blue7 has always sold locally made products, over the years their handcrafted inventory has grown and it became time to reintroduce their love of Oklahoma things and makers to the public. 

Just OK is the name to this vision and effort that has been around from the start.

“Letting people know that may have never realized, Hey this is what we do and this is what we’ve always done and this is who we are.” said Blue7 owner, Caleb Arter. 

Just OK houses a variety of Oklahoma themed goods or products simply made by good ol’ Oklahomans. Most of the time products just walk through the door with hopes of being a part of the Just OK product line. 

“A lot of people just come in and say Hey I make this what do you think?… Its neat to see people go there, to get them really excited and to meet them,” said Just OK manager, Ashli Mowery. 

“You’re kind of baring your soul. The stuff you make, you think it’s good but you’re a little afraid. To get good feedback.. when you are just putting yourself out there. We get those people all of the time.” added Arter.

Whether you see it as a movement or our strong sense of Okie pride, there is a plethora of Oklahoma products ranging from favorite sports team attire to quirky OK sayings. Necklaces and rugs made out of our state shape. A variety of pillows to stationery goods, there is something for everyone.

The uniqueness is found in the locally and handmade, illustrations derived from the spirit of an Oklahoman, not your average sports-tee. The uniqueness of making and sharing, threads our OKC community together. Its exciting, refreshing, and of course an experience like none else.

“Its so inspiring even non Okies want to be a part. When people from out of state come in, they’re just boggled by all of the stuff that we have. Its really cool that they get to experience that. They appreciate that we love our state.” said Mowery.

Though this shop is themed around our great state and all of the great people in it, it still holds core to Blue7’s values which is apparent when you are a part of the overall experience.

“Our first priority is not Oklahoma, its people. That’s our core value here, it's people first. So when a person comes in and they have a passion, you know they’re excited about something and we get to support that. Then its just really cool.” shared Arter.

“People first because we’re surrounded by Oklahomans, then as Okies we’re passionate about supporting our neighbors and other business' that are around us.” said Arter. 

This collaboration of Oklahoma and community is exactly why We Heart OKC. Being a part of this time of growth and support is so encouraging. We believe its here to stay, the people that foster this passion and excitement are genuinely in love with Oklahoma City and here to make it grow for the better.

Proclaiming our love for OKC is what we know best, we hope you have the opportunity to be touched by the people and places that make it so wonderful.

If you’re needing a little inspiration to join this love affair with OKC, Just OK is a great place to start. Go get a little something "Oklahoma" for your everyday. We know you will love it too!