We Heart OKC


We love to see the roots and heritage of our city equally tended to and restored. Oklahoma City’s historic Film Row is a gem that has been rediscovered and harbors much charm and love for our community.

The Hub, made up of local business’ Bent, The Plant Shoppe and The Okay See Clothing and Community are some of the many that call this district home. Each different in their craft, but united in their passion to ignite the visionaries of our community.

It’s an unspoken invitation, but you see it as soon as you walk in the door, the collaboration, support, and creativity each of these business’ share with each other. The gift of creating with one another, and you, that invitation is for you. 

“At the end of the day it’s for people to come in here and have their own creativity, even if they can’t build it. It gives people other outlets and our long term goal is to continue to create a space where other people can come in and be creative,” said maker Chad Grubbs of Bent. 

Jen Semmler of The Plant Shoppe curates succulent arrangements with in house vessels or you’re favorite one from home. Chad Grubbs of Bent builds home furnishings and a variety of other wood/metal goods. Blake N. Behrens, Eric Lyons and Kyle Simmons of The Okay See Clothing and Community focuses on community apparel and screen printing. 

“Dirty them hands” as they would say, is the motto of their unification. Makers creating for their community and having fun while doing it. 

This sharing of craft and trade is refreshing, a beautiful reflection of why Oklahoma City is such a great place to call home.

“I think what we want to do is impact the community in a creative way, its truly community” said Grubbs.

“This is where we are, this is where our heart is” shared Behrens. 

Though unified in their mission each of these local business’ are uniquely special themselves.

The Plant Shoppe provides a work station where you can come in and plant your own arrangement or offers a variety of beautifully ready made arrangements. Jen also offers a Terrarium workshop on occasion, the next scheduled event is this Saturday April 12th. You can find more information at her website, plantshoppe.com

Bent specializes in home furnishings but also takes commissions for unique community projects. If it’s anything dreamed up of metal or wood, then we're sure Bent can create it. 

The boys over at The Okay See also have their special niche. Accompanying their awesome apparel line, they have two endeavors that reach out to the community. One being the designing and screen printing of t-shirts that serve as fundraisers for families in the adoption process. This began as a love letter to business partner Eric Lyons and grew to be a community wide initiative. The second being the designing and printing of t-shirts for local musicians who perform at the districts monthly event, Premiere on Film Row.

Premiere on Film Row is a district wide block party, hosted the third Friday of each month. At the event you will find food trucks, local craft beer, musician performances and backyard games like Jenga, washers and corn-hole. 

Special things are happening down on Film Row, we hope you’ve had the opportunity to check it out. The historic atmosphere is one to breathe in and the next Premiere, April 18th would be a great opportunity for you to see all of the amazing business’ pouring love into Film Row’s restoration.