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District House

District House

Monday’s can be quite the drag but the folks over at District House know how to take care of us. Premiering as the Plaza Districts first coffee shop, District House has been offering free coffee Monday mornings since their opening last April.

Just one more perk for you to travel down to the Plaza and see what else this awesome space has to offer. Part coffee house part, part art gallery and event space, we are happy to have both as a part of the Plaza family.

We sat down with co-owner Kenny Deason to hear about District House’s beginnings.

What began as a Thursday night live music event called The Venue OKC has now metamorphosed through different ventures into what we collectively call District House today.

“Really at that point we began developing the idea and vision of a coffee shop, art gallery, something that would be large enough for community activities,” shared Deason.

The Parish, an Oklahoma City community church plant actually owns District House and neighbors in its current space, but holds no collaboration in business function. The owners just see it as a perk that a full service coffee shop is near by during church activities.

District House is a great hub for community wide or district events, the space is home to over 6,000 SF with two 10 FT screens in the space, along with 8 monitors that are fired up for Thunder Game watch parties.

For those that have not had a chance to visit District House Live on the Plaza is a great opportunity for the community to see the variety of events that District House hosts. From local artists featured monthly in their gallery space, to town meetings, stand up comics, and live music. Versatility was a goal in the vision and something the owners accomplished wonderfully.

A unique feature to the shop is the chance to bring one of Oklahoma’s specialty roasters into the city. Topeca Coffee Roasters is located in Tulsa, OK, we are happy that District House has brought one of our favorite roasters to the Plaza District. 

We loved hearing the journey the team behind District House committed to upon making the shop a reality. Their love for Oklahoma City is long grown and we love hearing their proclamations of why starting a business here and keeping it local felt like the right thing to do. 

“When we say the word local in Oklahoma City it means something all together different than when other cities or areas say local… Local in Oklahoma City has always meant a tight knit community that intentionally cooperates, works together and builds,” said Deason. 

We Heart District House and know you will too. Swing on by for a great cup of coffee or deli sandwich, or maybe a tour of an awesome venue that could house your next event!