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A Date With Iris

A Date With Iris

Is it just me or did Spring sneak right on by? Everything is green and we are well on our way to saying hello to summer. The newness of Spring brings much needed newness and light. The rain is well awaited for and the sunshine stays around a little longer. Everything is in bloom.. and that’s where we want to rest today.

Our venture to A Date With Iris was a breath of springy fresh air. This local shop specializes in curious botanicals and gifts for many occasions.

Owner Kristin Balaban has an extensive background in floral design. While working on an art degree through college Balaban found her love for botanicals while working different floral jobs. This fusion of creative mediums is what has become, A Date With Iris.

“I thought I wanted to be an artist, artist. But flowers are art, a 3D sculpture, and you throw it away which I like. A disposable art,” said Balaban. 

In 2006 a space became available on Western Avenue and Balaban knew she had to have her own space. Floral Assistant Stephanie Humes came on board in 2007 and began branching out the shop into more “gifty type goods.” Still with an emphasis on beautiful botanicals, with a side of gifts for any occasion.

The ladies at A Date With Iris work hard to keep the shop seasonal, this means you’re always going to find something new when you walk in the door! Especially seasonal botanicals.

“Most of our customers know that about us, that we’re doing off the beaten track things and you never know what you’re going to get which makes it kind of exciting,” said Balaban. 

A Date With Iris also has a local grower that provides the shop with unique Oklahoma grown goodies, another reason why the floral cooler stays stocked with a range of curious botanicals. We love the passion A Date With Iris has for our community, any exchange of beautiful blooms makes you feel you’re a part of the family.

“We really want to be your neighborhood florists. We’ve had clients for years where we’ve done their courtships, their weddings and baby flowers. You know, first dates for their kids and things like that. I like the communal aspect of sharing somebody's life and being in the trade with them is nice,” said Balaban. 

Every third Thursday Western Ave hosts an event involving the business' of Western Ave and food trucks. This is a perfect time to meet the ladies of A Date With Iris, pick up your new favorite botanicals and be as excited as we are that they are a part of our growing Oklahoma City community!