We Heart OKC


Collected Thread

Exploring new cities is always exhilarating. The hunt for local favorites or the coolest district is an exciting adventure. We spent the last weekend romping around Tulsa doing just that. It’s thrilling to see our sister cities growing and using their passions to serve the community. We enjoyed our time, but without a doubt we left with this parting thought, “OKC is so special, wow.”

Funny how it takes just a few moments out of your day to day to remind yourself you are right where you need to be. Oklahoma City is home to some of the most passionate and hardworking entrepreneurs. The level or intention and support is unparalleled to any other city we have explored. Just a reminder OKC, we love you like woah!

We couldn’t think of a better highlight to this sentiment than our local shop owner Lindsay Zodrow of Collected Thread. Lindsay, an OSU graduate, majored in studio art with a sculpture focus. The moment you walk in store you can see her handiwork and talents on display.

After finishing college Lindsay moved to OKC and spent about 9 months cultivating a traveling artist market with friend Nora Bonnell. Together they would set up once a month and sell handmade goods along with other artists. Lindsay quickly saw the excitement people had for this local handmade market and from there the idea of Collected Thread was born.

The plaza district has always been known as a hub of local artisans with unmeasurable determination to lift our community and each small business owner that is a part of the family. It shouldn’t surprise us that Lindsay attributes early support in owning a business to her neighboring business owners especially DNA Galleries owner and friend, Amanda Bradway. Both shop owners started their businesses neighboring in labor and living and we can’t help but admire their decisions to invest so much of their lives and work into our community.

In store you are sure to experience products you cannot find anywhere else in OKC. From art installations, stationery, jewelry, wares and baby goods you are sure to find a gift for the whole family!

When scouting products for the shop Lindsay makes sure all goods are handmade or hand altered in some way. She strives to source 50% of her products made right here in OKC by local artists.

“I love Oklahoma City because of how friendly and kind people are. I know that’s such a simple thing, but I’ve lived in England and New York and other places and that is what makes all the difference. I see it in the business community. We support each other. It makes it such an encouraging place to live,” shared Lindsay.

We’d love to congratulate Collected Thread on celebrating their seventh anniversary this month. Our local community is better because they are apart. Over the next few days Lindsay will be taking over our instagram and sharing all things Collected Thread and sharing about the upcoming Plaza District Festival this Saturday from noon to 10pm. Come celebrate local arts and culture with art vendors, food trucks and local musicians and performers!