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Barre 3 Midtown

Barre 3 Midtown

We’ve spent a lot of time this summer in one of our favorite areas of Midtown. The business’ along Hudson between 7th and 8th have welcomed us and most of Oklahoma City into their family. Today we want to celebrate one who has just had their one year anniversary!

Barre 3 Midtown opened a year ago this past June. Founder of local studios, Andrea Mason, introduced barre 3 to Oklahoma in 2010 when bringing the first barre 3 studio to Classen Curve in Oklahoma City. Portland, Oregon native, Mason fell in love with the workout at barre 3’s flagship studio and knew she wanted to bring it back to Oklahoma.

“I immediately fell in love with the workout. I loved that is was calm, but loved that it was challenging and I got the fire from the workout that I did as a collegiate athlete,” shared Mason.

Mason moved to Oklahoma to attend OSU on a soccer scholarship. It is there she met her husband Desmond, after much travel with their careers, they decided to move back to Oklahoma with their two children and we are so happy they did!

Following the Classen Curve barre 3 studio was an Edmond location in 2012, followed by the Midtown location, June 2013! The growth for the Oklahoma barre 3 community has been excitingly successful, and it just so happens Tulsa has just joined the barre 3 family.

“I love being a part of Midtown and the community down here, to be a part of the growth that is happening has been super cool,” said Mason.

Barre 3 is a combination style workout implementing ballet barre, pilates, and yoga techniques that balance, strengthen and increase flexibility.

At the Midtown studio you will find two styles of classes, the open level class, which is 95% of the class schedule, and the foundations class that is a bit slower in pace. Barre 3 focuses more on holds overall and learning each posture to achieve deeper motion and better alignment.

Mason began with three members on her team and today barre 3 Oklahoma has over 25 instructors. All of our potential candidates for becoming a barre 3 instructor are sent to Portland for training to experience the real essence of barre 3 and its roots.

“They get to really live and breathe the whole culture in Portland and bring it back here,” shared Mason.

We are excited to see the growth of barre 3 and how many communities of Oklahoma it will influence in the future. We set out to highlight the creativity of our community and it’s a privilege to hear each unique proclamation of love for OKC.

Mason and her husband relocated to Oklahoma with many things in mind, their ties with and love for OSU, their church community, and their little ones. When asked about her love for Oklahoma, Mason had this to share. 

“I think that this state is a completely resilient and loyal state, if I can put two words on it. It’s the community, the people and the fact that everybody here is so loyal to that. That’s another reason why Oklahoma City is leading with small business and entrepreneurship, we have a community that supports it and are loyal to it, which is nice,” said Mason.

We hope you get a chance to visit any of the barre 3 locations and also take advantage of the occasional free community classes hosted at Whole Foods or the Myriad gardens one night a month. We Heart barre 3 Midtown, thank you for loving Oklahoma City with us!

full schedule of classes and events can be found at www.barre3.com