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1907 Meat Co.

Happy fall everyone! We are all giggles about this weather. There have been a few instances of winter knocking on the door but we just won’t have it. One of our favorite fall visits includes stopping by our local Farmer’s Market. We especially love visiting this time of year. The cute little pumpkins are on every table and fall crops are a plenty. Local farmers gather up the harvest and meet us every weekend with their shares.

That’s where we are today. At the table, engaging in the local agriculture conversation, chatting about our friends at 1907 Meat Co. We’re lucky enough to have heard their story from inception, in fact we love it so much we wanted to share it with you here at We Heart!

1907 Meat Co. is owned and operated by Adam Gribben and John Lindsey. Both credible entrepreneurs in their field of expertise. These two men have a vision to support and sustain local food agriculture by offering premium meat products raised and processed right here in Oklahoma. Their current supply exists as a monthly meat subscription with hopes of opening a brick and mortar in 2016.

We could talk about food science and food culture all day. From the growth and production down to the processing and recipes that end up on your plate. It’s a big world of knowledge to engage in. Yet when we get to the marketplace we pick our meats by what “looks best” (as if we truly know). Leaving the labels unread and the places they came from unknown. How silly for our bodies, and our families. The truth is when we read labels such as grass fed, non-gmo, pasture raised, free range and others, do we truly understand what they mean?

Our geographic location may help, we all, in some way may have roots tied to family farming and agriculture. Yet still and if not, are all in need of more education to better our understanding of food and what we are consuming.

1907 Meat Co. is in the business of sourcing and researching these practices from the beginning. They start with the farmers themselves and the animals they raise. The standards for these relationship are of the finest quality. Free range animals, raised without growth hormones, processed by 1907’s very own European trained, master butcher John Lindsay.

Only the finest restaurants all over the country take the time to source this kind of quality meat. Not only does 1907 bring this quality product to our community and state, they support our local famers and food economy while doing it.

Buying local produce in Oklahoma City has become more accessible over the last few years thanks to our thriving farmers and suppliers at our Public Farmers Market, OSU/OKC Farmers Market and Uptown 23rd Farmers Market. Business’ such as Urban Agrarian and Urban Organics provide solutions with their store-fronts or co-op shares. When it comes to local meat supply, Oklahoma City is in need of a quality solution and we believe 1907 Meat Co. is our champion. 

1907 Meat Co. launched their operations a few weeks ago and are now offering their 1907 Founders’ Share meat subscriptions. Details about their share offering can be found on their website here. Follow along on Facebook, twitter and instagram as they share more about upcoming events and announcements.